About X-rays

An X-ray is a safe and painless procedure that uses radiation waves to produce images of the inside of the body, especially the bones. Uses of X-ray images include detecting abnormalities within the body and investigating a number of health issues such as lung conditions, orthopaedic and bone-related problems. Medical X-rays are carried out by a trained professional radiographer and are usually conducted in a hospital X-ray department.

Radiation from the X-ray passes through the body and is picked up by a detector which turns the rays into an image. More dense parts of the body don’t allow as much of the X-ray to pass through them, meaning these show up white on the final image. These are usually bones, while the softer areas, like the lungs, appear darker on the picture.

Why is an X-Ray investigation service useful?

Often in civil claims trials it is necessary to prove specific elements of your client’s case, and our thorough medical X-ray investigations can provide this service, identifying exactly what injuries have been sustained. Through our solicitor-led team, we can help you to source a medical X-ray expert, allowing you to focus on building a case for your client to ensure they have the best chance of recovery, and enabling you to provide accurate costs within the timeframe given by the court.

MAPS Medical Reporting works with qualified and experienced radiologists across the country to produce comprehensive radiology reports and imaging in support of your client’s legal case. MAPS will ensure that all examinations are conveniently arranged for your client at a location near to them. X-ray services are available on sustainable fee structures and can be repaid on favourable terms.

If you would like to appoint us as your medical reporting organisation or to discuss our investigations services, please get in contact.