Orthopaedic reports

About orthopaedic medico-legal reports

Our expert panel of orthopaedic consultants has extensive experience of providing high quality orthopaedic medico-legal reports in support of personal injury and medical negligence cases. Their wide range of specialties means we will be able to match the most appropriate expert to your case on an individual basis, within a short time frame.

Why case reports in orthopaedics are required

Case reports in orthopaedics may be required when pursuing a civil claim for damages caused to the musculo-skeletal system. This includes – but is not limited to – damage to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels. These can be expressed through disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Tendinitis.

MAPS Medical Reporting is pleased to be able to offer cost-effective case reports in orthopaedics. We will provide you with a quote that is tailored to the requirements of your case. This includes access to our panel of orthopaedic consultants and can be paid through one of our financially-friendly, sustainable fee structures.

Whatever the nature of your reporting requirements, MAPS will be in a position to select and instruct an established expert to support your legal case with a detailed orthopaedic medico-legal report. We understand that cases move quickly and that there is little time to spare when making a claim. Therefore, we always take a proactive approach in matching one of our orthopaedic experts to your case and ensure the orthopaedic medico-legal report is produced in a timely and accurate manner, leaving you to focus on preparing for court.

To find out more about our orthopaedic specialists, read about one of our featured experts Michael Foy, an Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon who has received international recognition for his work in the field.

If you would like any more information on our orthopaedic medico-legal reports or our other services, please get in touch or read more about our team.