Catastrophic Injury & Medical Negligence

Survivors of catastrophic injury and the victims of medical negligence require expert support from specialist solicitors to pursue litigation against the bodies responsible for their injuries.

MAPS Medical Reporting understands the role a medical reporting organisation partner plays in providing robust medical evidence in support of your clients’ legal case, and providing access to first-class rehabilitation services to the most seriously injured of your clients.

We work with specialist, accredited professionals with vast experience of supporting spinal cord and acquired brain injury survivors, people who have undergone amputations, children who have sustained a birth injury (including cerebral palsy), and those with multiple serious injuries, on their path to rehabilitation.

MAPS’ experienced team will move quickly to provide assistance with your clients’ short and long-term rehabilitation needs to maximise the benefit to them of physical and psychological interventions, and to avoid unnecessary delays to the progression of your legal case on their behalf.

Tailored packages of support are prepared based on a professional assessment of each individual’s needs and expertly delivered by qualified specialists nationwide.