Medical expert evidence

Medical expert evidence

Our comprehensive network of trusted and experienced consultants and medical experts have written hundreds of thousands of medico-legal reports for the full spectrum of personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

We have experts covering the whole of England and Wales, so we will have a medical expert witness near to your client, wherever they live.

Our panel members are not only experts in their own areas of medical practice, but they are also skilled in the requirements of expert witness work. They are experienced in what they do and keep up to date with legal developments. They know what is required to deliver high-quality evidence for a damages claim, which is compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules.

Our quality-checked medico-legal expert witnesses understand their unique and special position in any legal action. They appreciate their role as the only witnesses entitled to give opinion evidence, rather than being limited to just evidence of fact.

Not only do they comply with the Civil Procedure Rules, and all their regulatory obligations and other professional advice, they also have a deeper understanding of the legal issues involved, for example on issues such as the correct burden of proof, causation or the ‘but for’ test.

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Our experts aim to deliver their evidence in a form that is correct at the first time of asking, dealing with the issues in the case in a way which demonstrates their comprehensive review of all relevant matters, and providing a clear diagnosis and prognosis. Our experts prepare their reports and present their evidence in the knowledge that they may ultimately have to give that evidence in court and face cross examination.

MAPS Medical can select and instruct the most appropriate medical experts to prepare a specialist medico-legal report, produced to the highest standard and tailored to the needs of your client’s case. Medico-legal reports procured through MAPS Medical are high quality and will be written to be understood by the variety of audiences who might review the report during a case.

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The flexible and tailored service offered by MAPS means that the financial arrangement we have suits us perfectly. Their experienced administrators and efficient processes make things easy for us, meaning we can focus on the case at hand.

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