Medical records

Medical records

Medical records form a vital part of the evidence in almost all personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

You will want your medical expert witness to have all the records and imaging to enable them to comment comprehensively on everything relevant to your client’s case, so that they can provide you with their best-informed opinion.

Obtaining medical records

Obtaining medical records and imaging from GP practices and treatment providers, as well as hospital trusts and their radiology departments, is a time consuming and often frustrating process. So many providers insist on different requirements to comply with a subject access request, and then provide their records or images in many different formats.

We can relieve you of the burden of dealing with that process, by obtaining an acceptable consent form from your client, requesting records on your behalf, and dealing with all the administration and chasing required until the records are received.

Organising medical records

We understand how important it is for medical expert witnesses to receive records and images in a form which makes them easy to review and refer to in their evidence. A carefully collated and paginated set of records will save time for the expert witness and help to reduce their fees, as well as providing a consistent point of reference for the legal team.

Our medical records collation and pagination service includes sorting records into chronological order with specified sections, identification and removal of duplicate records, and comprehensive indexing. Where records are missing, this can be identified.

Complex medical records

In particularly complicated cases, it is possible for us to provide a commentary highlighting the key points to assist you in focussing on the most important aspects of the evidence contained in the records.

Whatever the complexity of your case or volume of medical records, we can extract, sort and paginate medical records securely and cost effectively, allowing you to focus on your client and their needs.

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