Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How long will it take for an appointment to be arranged between my client and an appropriate medical expert?
    • We know how important it is to avoid any delays to your client’s claim. We have an established network of UK consultants and GPs and will work to quickly select and instruct the most appropriate medical expert to support your legal case.

      Once the appropriate expert is selected for your client, our team take a proactive approach to arranging appointments with the expert witness and to meet the timescales needed for your case.

  • How soon will we receive the completed medical report after the medical examination?
    • Our diverse range of expert witnesses have competitive turn-around times. Our team will agree deadlines with you in advance and can expedite the process of securing the relevant medical reports to suit your timescales.

  • How far approximately will my client need to travel?
    • MAPS Medical Reporting has an extensive database of medical experts that we work with to procure high quality medico-legal reports from leading experts. Our network spans the length and breadth of the UK meaning that in the majority of cases we will instruct a medical expert within easy reach of your client’s home, work or hospital.

  • What if you don’t have a specific expert in my client’s area?
    • We are an experienced, established medical reporting organisation that has built up a far-reaching medical panel. We are proud to work with experts from the full range of medical and clinical specialisms based all around the UK. Where a particularly niche medical report is required from a specialist not based in your client’s local area, we will work with your client and the instructed medical expert to agree the most mutually convenient time and location to ensure the minimum amount of stress or disruption to your client and their legal case.

  • What if you don’t have a specific expert on my client’s injury?
    • We pride ourselves on providing the best mix of experts and services to capture the full spectrum of the injured person’s needs.

      The comprehensive MAPS database, built up over decades of working in the medico-legal field, is home to the full range of clinical specialisms. You can see a list of the clinical specialisms contained on our database however, if your required discipline is not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements as our contacts and connections within the industry will almost always allow us to source the expert that you need.

  • What happens if the expert we wish to instruct is not on your panel/database?
    • We know that each of your clients will have different needs and finding the right expert for them is our priority. If you would like to instruct an expert not currently on our database, please contact us to discuss how we can make the necessary arrangements.

  • What if my client needs long term treatment?
    • We have a trusted network of partners who can provide your client with the best possible chance of recovery through treatment and rehabilitation. We can manage the process from end to end, coordinating the administration of appointments and follow ups directly if you wish.

  • What if I am not happy with MAPS service?
    • We always aim to provide the highest standard of service, if you feel that something has gone wrong we are committed to resolving the issue promptly. If you would like to make a complaint please inform the assistant you have been dealing with or contact

If you don't find an answer to your question here, contact us and we can assist you further.