At MAPS, we’re proud to hold ourselves to the highest standards of administration and management and we’re delighted to start the year with a new accreditation confirming our commitment to no zero hours contracts.

MAPS has never employed staff on zero hours contracts since our foundation in 1999.

The accreditation comes from Zero Hours Justice, a campaigning organisation which offers its free No Zero Hours Accreditation Scheme to all employers in the private, public and third sectors who do not employ workers on zero hours contracts.

In 2020, there were over 1.05 million people in the UK on zero hours contracts. Zero Hours Justice is fighting for an end to zero hours contracts in the UK.

MAPS is one of the first companies to be recognised as part of the scheme.

Sian Flanagan, HR and infrastructure manager, said: “We’re thrilled to have been recognised as an employer that is against zero hours contracts. It is an issue we are very passionate about and we fully support Zero Hours Justice in the work they are doing.

“We believe that more companies should agree to stop employing people on exploitative zero hours contracts.”
Director of Zero Hours Justice, Chris Peace, says, “Most workers are on zero hours contracts because it was the only work they could find. Not knowing what hours you are working from one day to the next means planning your finances is stressful.”

By recognising and promoting employers who choose not to use zero hours contracts, Zero Hours Justice hopes to persuade other employers to follow suit.

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