David Stothard, managing director of MAPS Medical Reporting discusses why a review of your medico-legal supplier could save you money, and time.

As an experienced personal injury solicitor and former partner at a leading law firm, I can relate to the feeling that looking at your firm’s supplier roster or thinking about switching your medico-legal report supplier may not be something for the top of your to-do list.

But, as I have learnt from personal experience, taking the time to reassess how you get your medico-legal evidence to make sure you’re getting the best value and that any supplier can effectively meet your current (and future) needs, pays dividends in the long-term.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the process would be both time-consuming and complicated (some might even say painful): an added stressor that doesn’t seem important when there are cases to be won, teams to manage and your existing supplier is already doing an “okay” job.

But in an increasingly competitive personal injury and medical negligence claim environment and a growing move towards fixed costs, is a medico legal report provider that’s “okay” really going to cut the mustard?

It’s probably been quite some time since you last reviewed any medical reporting organisation (‘MRO’) on your panel of medical reporting providers. How long has it been? Two years, five years, ten? Are you approving invoices without stopping to think if those suppliers are genuinely the best match to your law firm’s current needs? It’s something we can all be guilty of in business – but switching your current provider can save two valuable commodities: time and money.

Not all medical reporting organisations are created equal, and you may find that your firm has wedded itself to a supplier that isn’t necessarily offering you the best payment terms, broadest range of experts, the geographical coverage you now require or market-leading turnaround time on medico legal reports. If you don’t explore what’s out there – you’ll never know.

Or perhaps your firm has never used an MRO and each of your lawyers is instructing different experts on every case. That’s no bad thing in itself – we appreciate that you need to get the right expert for the particular client’s case and we’ve got decades of experience in making that happen. But that means that your finance team are dealing with a huge array of individual expert witness terms and conditions, or worse still having to pay immediately or on very short credit terms for the reports obtained. This inevitably creates a vast amount of wasted time on administration and inconsistency. Imagine the efficiency of a streamlined process where you are still able to get the expert witnesses you need but all from the same source and all on the same terms and conditions.

Why you should consider MAPS Medical Reporting

So, having (hopefully) made the case for an hour of your time to consider switching to a new MRO it falls to me to convince you that MAPS Medical Reporting in particular, has the services and expertise to be the best MRO for you.

We understand what you do

MAPS Medical Reporting is a solicitor and doctor led firm who has been providing tailored medico-legal reporting services since 1999. We understand the pressures facing solicitors and what they need to run, and win personal injury claims effectively. We may be part of the legal supply chain – but we’ve also been at the sharp end of personal injury litigation, giving us a unique insight into the needs of law firms both big, and small.

We build relationships that matter

We take the time to develop long-term relationships with our customers and make sure we are agile, adapting our services to their ever-changing business needs. MAPS Medical Reporting regularly reviews its panel of expert medical witnesses and our wider service offering to make sure we meet the needs of modern personal injury law firms and medical negligence specialists.

We offer competitive pricing

We provide competitive pricing alongside an unbeatable service, tailored to suit each of our individual customers’ needs. This includes flexible payment terms including deferred payment for medical reports and write off facilities, all of which can help cash flow at your firm.

We offer strength in depth

MAPS Medical Reporting does not just compete on price. As well as providing a cost-effective solution, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality medico-legal reports, in a fast and reliable manner. We have access to a comprehensive panel of expert consultants and GPs nationwide, covering the full spectrum of clinical specialisms, who we instruct to give bespoke and thorough reports.

To date we’ve delivered more than 300,000 successful medico-legal reports, demonstrating that our network of trusted consultants, medical service suppliers and relationship teams provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution to support both you and your clients.

If the above sounds good, why not give MAPS Medical Reporting a call or drop into our London office for a conversation about how we can support you? Within days you could be walking away with improved cash flow, access to a wider range of tried and tested medico legal expert witnesses (including some who only work with MAPS Medical Reporting), better terms and conditions, streamlined administration and a client services team dedicated to getting your firm the right outcome every time.

You can contact Lucy Hansen from our team on 02084 206797, fill out an online enquiry form or call in to our new offices to say hello.

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