Cost budgeting

Cost budgeting

MAPS can provide accurate and timely cost estimates for our involvement in your case, meaning you’re able to give precise information about both our time and the time spent by our experts to the court within the time limit set. If the court requires you to provide a cost budget, it is advisable to choose an agency like MAPS, with a team that understands the importance of accurately calculating and sharing costs at an early stage of a case.

Unlike many other medical reporting organisations, MAPS Medical Reporting is solicitor-led. We use insight gained over decades of working in personal injury and medical negligence litigation to add value to our customers’ cases above and beyond providing accurate documents. Our range of diagnostic services means that we are able to find an expert who can investigate and report injuries that are not immediately identifiable – and we can therefore give you accurate figures for your costs budget.

Cost budgeting

Why is a cost budget needed?

The Civil Procedure Rules require solicitors to prepare and file a costs budget to the court for multi-track, serious injury and medical negligence cases. The budget should include any costs incurred to date and any future anticipated costs to be incurred to trial – which can include fees for medical reporting. Our services are fully compliant with the procedural guidelines so you can be confident that our team are handling the costs budget while you focus on the case.

We understand that every client’s case is different and we’re committed to finding the right costs management solution for you. We also know that complex cases can incur numerous costs, which is why we offer sustainable repayment plans that can be used to cover all of our services, including our costs budgeting service.

For more information about our cost budget procedure and all of our medico legal support services, get in touch with our friendly team.


Let us handle the cost budget

We understand the importance of providing details of the likely future costs of our involvement to enable you to prepare your costs budget – after all, we’re solicitor-led.

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