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As a solicitor-led medical reporting organisation, we understand the difference the right medico legal expert witness can make to a case. Their expert evidence is the key to proving the extent of the injury and financial loss in a personal injury claim and also breach and causation in medical negligence cases.

Experienced personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers appreciate the value of appointing a quality medico legal expert witness to assist them in their case preparation. They know that experienced medico legal expert witnesses need more than just proven status in their scope of practice; they need a deep understanding from practical experience of what this means in the legal claims environment.

Quality medico legal expert witnesses understand their unique and special position in any legal action as the only witnesses entitled to give opinion evidence, rather than being limited to just evidence of fact. Not only do they comply with the Civil Procedure Rules and all their regulatory obligations and other professional advice; they also have a deeper understanding of the legal issues involved, such as the correct burden of proof.


This is why it is vital that the most appropriate medico legal expert witness is chosen for each case. You can read more on what you need to know about a medico legal expert witness here.


Why choose MAPS for your expert medical witness?

Over the last two decades, MAPS Medical Reporting has built a comprehensive database of medico legal expert witnesses throughout England and Wales, working across the full range of clinical specialisms, from accident and emergency experts to vascular surgeons.

MAPS’ panel of professional medico legal expert witnesses are experienced in presenting their independent evidence so as to ensure that they fully meet the requirements of the court, while contributing to the understanding of the medical aspects of the case and expediting both treatment services and the claims process.

We have delivered more than 300,000 successful medico legal reports through our network of medical expert witnesses– but we know each customer is unique, and take care to instruct the right experts for every individual circumstance. Our nationwide panel allows us to provide efficient access to the best experts to deal with your case, in a convenient manner.

Our cost-effective solutions are personalised to match your needs – you can contact us to find out more about how we can support you.


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Our panel of professional medico legal expert witnesses work across the full range of clinical specialisms – their practical experience will help your case.

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