CT Scans

About CT scans

Computerised Technology (CT), or cat scans, produce detailed images to aid in the diagnosis of conditions such as bone damage, injuries to internal organs, blood flow problems, strokes and cancer. CT scans do this through a combination of X-ray and computer technology and are carried out in hospitals by professionally trained radiographers.

As well as diagnosing conditions, a CT scan diagnosis can also provide an indication of whether your client needs further medical tests or treatments and can be used to monitor ongoing medical conditions.

The CT scan uses X-rays and a computer, and the procedure involves lying down and being moved through a CT scanner, under the supervision of a radiographer. You will be able to access your client’s CT scan results after the consultant radiologist has thoroughly analysed them.


Our CT scan experts

Medical investigations and diagnoses, such as CT scans, may be necessary in a civil case where the client needs to prove specific medical elements of their case in order to be successful in making a claim. Our panel of nationwide expert radiographers works with our team of solicitor-led report writers to produce accurate, detailed CT scan evidence to support the claim you are making in court.

If your client needs to have a CT scan, MAPS Medical Reporting will arrange an appointment with one of our expert radiographers and ensure that they receive a fast and accurate report and images to support their personal injury or clinical negligence claim.

We are proud to offer competitive pricing and sustainable fee repayment options and are able to offer you an accurate cost estimation within a short time frame. By choosing MAPS, you are guaranteed access to a network of medical experts and an experienced solicitor-led reporting team who will oversee your CT scan and any other medical reporting requirements to a high standard.

Please contact us for more information on CT scans and other diagnostic services we offer.