Medical records collation and pagination

About medical records collation and pagination

We understand the importance of swiftly and accurately collating and indexing medical records based on our years of experience in the personal injury sector.

In addition to a host of other medico-legal services, at MAPS Medical Reporting our medical records collation and pagination service includes sorting records into chronological order with specified sections, identification and removal of duplicate records and comprehensive indexing. Where records are missing this can be identified.

Pagination and collation of medical records is fundamental to the provision of expert evidence particularly in high value or complex cases, ensuring that your team and expert medico-legal witnesses are able to efficiently access key medical documents.

Whatever the complexity of your case or volume of medical records, our highly trained team can extract, sort and paginate medical records securely and cost effectively, allowing you to focus on your client and their needs. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you.