ENT reports

About ENT case reports

Personal injury claims for noise-induced hearing loss or deafness require specialist knowledge of complex issues. Our experienced panel of ear, nose and throat (ENT) experts, who are based throughout England and Wales, can apply their experience of ENT cases to produce detailed and accurate ENT case reports on distinct ENT issues.

An ENT case report may be required in a civil claims case where the claimant is required to prove each and every aspect of their case, where damage to the ears, nose and / or throat may have occurred. This means evidence must be provided from a suitably qualified and experienced ENT professional and through the support of evidence, often in the form of an ENT case report.

Our ENT consultants work with our team of solicitor-led experts to produce timely and accurate ENT reports to support a variety of cases. They are also able to assess whether the claimant may require any further medical investigations or treatment, and explain this to the court.

Our ENT reports

Each of our ENT reports is produced quickly and in a cost-friendly way. MAPS Medical Reporting is able to give you an accurate cost estimation which can be paid through our sustainable fee structures.

Whatever the nature of your ENT reporting requirements, MAPS will be in a position to select and instruct an established expert to support your legal case with a detailed ENT medical report. Choosing MAPS for your ENT case reporting requirements means you can feel assured that the details of your supporting evidence will be prepared by a panel of experts, leaving you with more time to prepare for court. Read about just one of our trusted Consultant ENT Surgeons, Ian Johnson.

Please contact our team of ENT report specialists to find out how we can help with your case.