Psychological and psychiatric reports

Psychological reports and psychiatric reports

The non-physical aspects of claims for personal injury and clinical negligence require specialist input from psychiatrists and psychologists. Psychological reports and psychiatric reports for courts are often necessary to support the finer details of medical evidence presented.

Our network of experts are based around the country and have in-depth knowledge spanning the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry. This means we will be able to allocate the best specialist for your case on an individual, tailored basis, allowing you to bring solid evidence to court to support your client’s claim. Our consultant psychologists and psychiatrists can also give psychiatric evaluations and indicate whether your client may require any further treatment.

How are psychological reports and psychiatric evaluations used?

During a civil claim, psychiatric and psychological reports can be used to support the case; whether it be a personal injury, disease or medical negligence issue. A psychiatric or psychological report is usually commissioned by the legal firm representing the claimant so that they can provide detailed evidence to support the claim in court.

Our solicitor-led team of report writers works with our panel of medical experts to not only deliver psychological and psychiatric reports quickly, but accurately too.

We are able to offer timely and accurate cost predictions for any psychiatric and psychological reports you may require for court. Our cost-effective solutions can be covered by one of our sustainable fee structures.

Our panel provides a wide choice of experts familiar with the issues in these cases and the requirements for quality psychological and psychiatric reports for courts. Read more about Dr Tim Read, just one of our consultant psychiatrists who led the Liaison Psychiatry Service and the Crisis Intervention Service for more than 20 years.

Whatever the nature of your psychiatric or psychological reporting requirements, MAPS will be in a position to select and instruct an established expert to support your legal case with a detailed psychological medical report or psychiatric evaluation.

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