About our rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation – and early access to it – plays a pivotal role in helping those with personal injuries to recover and rebuild their lives after an accident. Your client may require physical or psychological rehabilitation after an accident that has left them with injuries or mental health related problems. MAPS Medical Reporting has years of experience working with rehabilitation specialists which means we are familiar with arranging and overseeing rehabilitation services for all kinds of issues.

We are fully conversant with the Rehabilitation Code, meaning we understand that your client’s rehabilitation should be seen as a priority and should be approached by both the defendant and prosecutor in collaboration. Our decades of experience in advising legal professionals on the most appropriate rehabilitation services to support their injured clients’ unique needs means we will not only take care of the logistics and administration of rehabilitation services to a high standard, but we will bring added legal value to your case.

What role does rehabilitation play in the claims process?

As a solicitor-led medical reporting organisation, our experienced team has a unique understanding of the role rehabilitation plays in the claims process and can work with you to ensure your injured clients are supported with the right services throughout their recovery.

We have a national network of rehabilitation specialists who work across all forms of physical and psychological rehabilitation - no matter how complex. Combining experience with convenience, we will always appoint a rehabilitation specialist local to your client and ensure they deliver a rehabilitation package that is completely tailored to them and their needs.

We are able to provide you with an accurate quote for the services you require and endeavour to do so as quickly as possible. Our rehabilitation services are priced competitively and can be paid for through one of our sustainable pricing structures.

To find out more about our rehabilitation and other medico legal services, get in contact with our friendly team.


Want to know more about our rehabilitation service?

Our national network of rehabilitation specialists allows us to deliver a package tailored to enable your client to recover and rebuild their life.

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