Fast Track

About fast-track rehabilitation

Our priority at MAPS Medical Reporting is to identify your clients’ rehabilitation and treatment needs at the earliest possible stage, to ensure fast access to rehabilitation for them, and to reduce case duration for you. We offer a single point of access to a variety of fast track rehabilitation services to support your injured clients. Our network of knowledgeable fast track mental and physical therapy professionals is located around the country and will meet with your client at a time and location that works best for them.


What kinds of fast-track rehabilitation are available?

Fast track rehabilitation services include – but are not limited to – physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy or chiropractic services, and are always delivered to the highest possible standards by qualified, regulated providers to ensure the swift recovery of your clients. Our extensive network of contacts means we will be able to match a medical professional to your client’s unique needs, ensuring they get access to the most suitable treatment and fast track physical therapy.

Our experienced team at MAPS can advise you on the most appropriate rehabilitation services and centres nationwide in support of injured clients with fast track personal injury cases. We will work closely with the fast track rehabilitation specialist or specialists, helping to coordinate any rehabilitation and ensure enhanced recovery times.

Having worked across medical negligence and personal injury law for years, the team at MAPS Medical Reporting understands the importance of delivering fast track recovery speedily and to a high standard. Our holistic approach means you leave your client in capable, expert hands, while you can focus on the legal case.

All of our services, including fast track rehabilitation, are priced competitively and can be paid for through one of our sustainable fee structures. To find out more about how we can arrange and oversee your client’s fast track rehabilitation, get in contact with our friendly team.