Multi Track

About multi-track cases

For complex multi-track personal injury cases, i.e. serious injury claims valued at over £25,000, MAPS Medical Reporting offers a bespoke service to ensure that your client’s long and short term rehabilitation needs are met, and that they are supported at every stage of their recovery journey.

MAPS’ package of multi-track rehabilitation services includes initial needs, vocational and functional capacity assessments, appropriate case management, the development and implementation of treatment plans, as well as return to work assessments. All of our injury rehabilitation services are conducted under clinical supervision.

Why is rehabilitation important for a multi-track case?

It is really important that clients, particularly those with multi-track cases, gain access to injury rehabilitation and treatment at the earliest possible opportunity, to give them the best chance of recovery and also to assist you in drawing up any interim payments that may be necessary for catastrophic claims.

MAPS Medical Reporting draws on our nationwide network of treatment centres and injury rehab clinics, as well as our rehabilitation and case management professionals. Our injury rehabilitation specialists are located around the country and are able to meet with your client at a location that suits them. Our experts have years of experience understanding the specific requirements of multi-track cases and their knowledge of litigation will bring added legal value to your case.

We take a holistic approach to your clients’ rehabilitation journeys, recognising the unique needs of each individual person. Our team is also ready to help manage the injury rehab process from end to end, taking care of the logistics so that you can focus on the legal elements of the case.

Our multi-track services for injury rehabilitation are competitively priced and are available through our structured repayment system. To find out more about our multi-track service, get in touch with our team.