Physiotherapy treatment

About physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy treatment can help those who suffer from a range of conditions, including muscular, skeletal, and soft tissue injuries. Our expert physiotherapists will typically carry out a physical examination as well as a review of your client’s medical history in order to produce an assessment report. This will enable them to move forward with the most appropriate treatment for your client.

Physio treatment can be used on people of any age and involves educating and advising the individual on changes they can make to their everyday lives to prevent further physical damage. A physiotherapist may also recommend special exercises to help your client improve their overall health and flexibility – these often focus on making specific parts of the body stronger. Additionally, a physiotherapist may use manual therapy to help alleviate pain and promote easier movement of the body.


Our physical therapy experts

MAPS Medical Reporting has a single point of access to a network of physical therapists across England and Wales and can arrange physiotherapy treatment in a location convenient for your client. The physiotherapist working on your case will then liaise closely with our team of experts to create a physiotherapy report within a short time frame, allowing you to focus on preparing for court. Our team of physiotherapy medico-legal report writers have years of experience in litigation, meaning that their knowledge of personal injury and medical negligence law will bring added value to your case.

MAPS will manage the process from beginning to end and will remain in contact with the physiotherapist selected to provide continued support and further physio treatment, should it be required. All of our cost estimations are available quickly and are thoroughly accurate. Payments can be handled by one of our sustainable, competitive pricing structures.

If you would like to know more about physiotherapy treatment and other treatment services we arrange, please get in contact with our friendly team.