The importance of physical activity to general health is well documented, but a new area of research provides insight into the more specific benefits.

Physical activity can be prescribed to treat a number of differing medical conditions, whether chronic or short-term, and is now being recommended across the world as a remedy for painful joints in older individuals. However, many end up doing nothing because of their concern that exercise will further antagonise their existing pain.

How exercise can benefit the recovery process

Contrary to the popular myth, exercise has actually been found to work as an effective pain reliever. One study found continued exercise to have twice the pain relief of non-prescription painkillers.

Although it is common to experience a certain level of pain when beginning to exercise, this is a signal that the body is adapting and it will subside. Experts advise individuals to follow two simple pain rules when exercising: that pain after exercise should be tolerable and that the pain should not increase in the following days.

“This myth-busting research highlights the importance of placing the individual at the heart of any therapies that are developed. Most notably, it indicates the varying forms of therapy that are available to those who are suffering with pain, dependent upon their personal needs” says David Stothard, managing director of MAPS Medical Reporting.

“We are dedicated to staying abreast of new approaches so that we can best support individuals who are suffering with short-term or chronic pain, following an accident.

“These findings highlight the need to work with experienced medico-legal experts, to ensure that those who have been injured in an accident can receive the most appropriate treatment recommendations to help them on the road to recovery, even if the advice is to simply exercise more.”

MAPS Medical Reporting provides quick access to reputable experts and high quality, specialist medico legal reports to provide its customers with robust medical evidence to expedite both treatment services for the victim and the claims process. Contact us to find out more about how we can support you.

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