What is a medico-legal report?

medico-legal report is a report written by a doctor in the role of a medical expert witness in a legal case. MAPS Medical Reporting provide medico-legal reports in civil law claims for damages for victims of personal injury, disease or medical negligence.

When instructed by a client, we select the most appropriate medical expert witness from our extensive network to prepare the report considering their specialism, location and experience so they can best aid the litigation process.

All of the medical reports we supply meet the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules, when applicable.

Why might you need a medico-legal report?

In a civil claim for damages the claimant must prove their case in each and every respect. As far as their injuries are concerned, they must do this by providing evidence from a suitably qualified and experienced medical expert witness.

The expert’s evidence must support their claim by evidencing the injury sustained, that it was caused by the incident complained of and the extent and duration of the symptoms caused. If a full recovery has not yet taken place, the expert can also offer their opinion on the prognosis for recovery, that is, if and when the ongoing symptoms should recover.

Where a victim has not recovered from their injuries the expert may also recommend further medical investigations or treatment. These would normally be undertaken privately rather than through the NHS, but would be intended to be complementary to any ongoing NHS care.

When would a medico-legal report be used?

A medico-legal report could be used in any legal matter where expert medical witness evidence is required to prove or disprove some aspect of the case.

MAPS Medical Reporting provide medico-legal reports in civil claims for damages for victims of personal injury, disease or medical negligence. Reports are commissioned by the legal representative of the injury victim; this is usually the law firm who the victim has instructed to help them pursue their case.

When the law firm is confident that the claim has reached the right stage in the legal process and that they can incur the cost involved in obtaining a report, they will contact MAPS Medical Reporting to assist them.

Who are our expert witnesses?

MAPS Medical Reporting has an extensive panel of qualified and experienced medico-legal expert witnesses which has been built up over two decades in the industry. Our experts are familiar with the requirements of the courts and their obligations under Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules, when applicable. Most importantly, all of our experts understand their duty to the court and that they are reporting to the court on matters within their expertise. This duty overrides any obligation to whoever has instructed them or who pays them.

We provide nationwide access to only the very best medical expert witnesses, using our bespoke service to consider each individual case requirement. From accident and emergency experts through to specialists in urology, our UK database covers all disciplines.

What are the benefits of using MAPS Medical Reporting?

Law firms working with MAPS Medical Reporting get access to a national panel of experienced medical expert witnesses to meet their medico-legal reporting needs. They also benefit from working with an independent medical reporting organisation that invests in innovative technology and case management, which allows us to efficiently meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We have delivered more than 300,000 successful reports to date for organisations of all sizes working in the personal injury and clinical negligence sector, building long-term relationships between our clients and expert panel of witnesses.

Our professional medical reporting system, driven by our friendly team, always exceeds expectations and our large network of experts across the length and breadth of England and Wales means that we have access to the most suitable professional within a convenient location.

MAPS Medical Reporting knows that each of our customers is unique, requiring different approaches to getting what they want. Contact us to find out more about how we can support you.

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