At MAPS Medical, we understand the value that expert evidence has in proving the extent of an injury or financial loss in a claim. That’s why we only appoint the best medical experts to join our panel who understand what their role means in a legal environment.

As a solicitor-led medical reporting organisation, our medical expert witnesses are appreciated by the experienced personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers that we work with, and understand the value that they will bring in their case preparation.

If you’re a medical expert looking to join our panel, below we explain more about the role and the benefits of being on our database.

Why do medical experts want to join our panel?

At MAPS Medical, we invest in building a good relationship with our clients. We believe that being approachable and retaining good communication are just some of the reasons why medical experts want to join our panel.

In turn, medical experts seek to work with us due to our clear payment terms. Our credit control policy means that experts on the panel will be paid on the day clearly set out in their contract.

What are the benefits of being part of our panel?

There are plenty of benefits of joining our expert database. The largest is the regularity and the quality of work. As an established medico-legal company, we are trusted by some of the most reputable law firms across the UK to provide medico-legal reports that support the full range of personal injury and medical negligence claims. The types of law firms we are associated with also mean that our panel has access to a high-volume of quality claims to work on and, in turn, add to their portfolio.

Our nationwide relationships enable our panel to broaden its areas of expertise. Commenting on the benefits of being a member of the MAPS medical expert panel, Stephen Hughes, consultant in Emergency Medicine, said: “The biggest one for me is the opportunity for growth and development. As my practice has grown, so has my coverage; I now cover a large area of the UK.”

What are the problems that can arise from direct instructions from certain law firms?

The main disadvantage from taking direct instructions from a law firm is the uncertainty of knowing when you will be paid. In some cases, law firms might not be clear about their payment terms and will delay paying the expert for their report for as long as possible. By being a member of our expert panel, we make sure that clear payment terms are set out from the beginning, allowing our experts security in knowing exactly when they will be paid.

How can you become a medical witness at MAPS Medical?

If you are interested in joining the MAPS Medical expert panel, you will need to be able to write a high-quality report and be able to dedicate time to writing a number of them a week.

Stephen explains: “You will need to be able to put time aside to dedicate to the panel and commit to regular work. On average, I will write between eight and ten medico-legal reports per week. The length of time it takes to write a report is variable. Most simple matters take between 30 minutes to an hour to write. More complex matters take between three or four hours of work, depending on complexity and the volume of records to review. Some can take much longer.”

At MAPS Medical, we have requests to work for all types of cases. To make sure that we are producing reports to the highest of quality with authority, and assign the most appropriate medical expert witness to the right case, it is essential that we have medical professionals that are experts in different types of claims and specialise in a particular medical area.

We look for medical experts who can communicate and cooperate with solicitors, and understand the importance of their position in a legal environment. You will also have to comply with the Civil Procedure Rules and all the regulatory obligations and other professional advice.

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