Successful medical or clinical negligence cases are made against doctors or other clinical practitioners who have negligently caused an injury to a patient.

Medical evidence of the highest quality is vital for proving a medical negligence case where the questions of breach of duty, causation and damage can be very complex.

To prove your client’s medical negligence case, you will be responsible for establishing that the treatment your client received fell below an acceptable standard and directly resulted in their suffering and injury, or a material exacerbation of an existing condition.

What types of evidence are needed in medical negligence cases?

A strong body of medical negligence evidence will be central to you proving each of those three parts of your client’s case.

Medical Records

The client’s medical records are vital when gathering evidence for their claim. These are likely to include clinical records produced by doctors and other clinical practitioners, such as nurses and therapists, and may also include other types of records such as x-rays, ultrasounds, scans and charts.

The records, which may be digital or hard copy, may be substantial and may come from a number of sources and locations.

At MAPS Medical Reporting, we understand the importance of accurately collating and indexing medical records. That’s why we offer a medical records collation and pagination service, which includes sorting medical records into chronological order, identifying missing records and removing duplications. In addition, we can arrange for an experienced nurse practitioner to prepare a detailed and cross-referenced chronology, from which you and the expert witnesses can work with confidence.

Medical Reports

Once the medical records have all been collected and collated, medical expert witnesses can be instructed to prepare medico-legal reports addressing Breach of Duty, Causation and Condition/Prognosis.

At MAPS Medical Reporting, we can recommend a range of experienced and independent practitioners who understand the particular requirements of reporting in medical negligence cases and who are able to prepare medico-legal reports tailored to your client’s case, dealing with Breach, Causation and/or Condition/Prognosis. With more than 300,000 reports written to date, our expert medico-legal reporting team is committed to realistic turnaround times, is able to handle a range of reporting requirements and can cater to a full range of clinical specialisms for medical negligence cases.

How can MAPS Medical Reporting support your case?

As a solicitor and doctor-led organisation, MAPS Medical Reporting is committed to providing high-quality reports and service.

We offer a wide-range of services to personal injury and medical negligence law firms across the UK. Whatever you need to help you win your client’s case, from obtaining and collating medical records to collating expert medical reports and even clinical photographs where appropriate, MAPS Medical Reporting can assist and advise and will deliver quality reports within an agreed time frame, at an agreed fee.

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