Serious and catastrophic brain injuries will have immediate and long-lasting effects on an injured person and their family.

If your client has suffered life-changing injuries, such as a permanent brain injury, you will be aiming to recover the maximum amount of compensation for them, but you will also want to consider how to facilitate their maximum rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation may have many specific aims, but generally, it is intended to minimise the impact of the brain injury on the client’s life, while maximising the scope and extent of the client’s recovery.

How long does it take to recover from a brain injury?

After a brain injury, it is very difficult to predict how long the client’s recovery will take and how well that recovery will progress. It is sometimes said that the window for brain injury recovery lasts for about two years’ post-accident, but there have been many cases of the recovery process continuing long after that time, particularly with on-going rehabilitation support.

It is, however, generally accepted that the maximum recovery gains are achieved in the first year or so after the client’s accident – so high quality and early rehabilitation intervention are likely to be important. There is of course, always uncertainty, but there is also almost always the potential for recovery supported by rehabilitation.

How do I get the most appropriate brain injury rehabilitation for my client?

MAPS understands and works with trusted partners to help provide client-centred rehabilitation, aimed at optimising functional abilities and independence.

Brain injury rehabilitation may be delivered in a hospital, in a specialist rehabilitation unit or in the community.

You may be able to negotiate a rehabilitation package with the Defendant insurer under the Rehabilitation Code, or you may secure funding by way of an interim payment.

In either situation, you are likely to need to have an Immediate Needs Assessment prepared by an experienced Brain Injury/Rehabilitation Case Handler. MAPS can assist in identifying a suitable Case Manager and can work with you and the Case Manager to put together an appropriate team of therapists and other experts to best support your client in their rehabilitation programme.

The team may include experts from such diverse fields as Neuro-psychology, Neuro-physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Nursing and Neuro-Support Workers. Working to set and monitor goals, devising and implementing strategies and coordinating therapeutic inputs will all form part of the best rehabilitation regimes.

As the rehabilitation regime progresses, your Case Manager will assist in the transition to a longer term care and support regime, with us being able to assist in the identification of appropriate experts and therapists as needed.

How can MAPS Medical Reporting support my client?

By using MAPS Medical Reporting to source the evidence to support your client’s claim, you can be confident that trusted and experienced therapists and practitioners will provide your reports and will provide accurate current and projected costings, which will be crucial to your assessment of the claim.

MAPS Medical Reporting has access to a national network of rehabilitation specialists who work across all forms of physical and psychological rehabilitation. We have two decades of experience in advising legal professionals on the most appropriate rehabilitation services to best support their injured clients.

As a solicitor and doctor-led medical reporting organisation, we understand the vital role rehabilitation plays in the claims process. We can work with you to ensure your client is supported with the right services throughout their brain injury recovery and thereafter.

Our experienced team and the experts we work with will ensure they deliver a rehabilitation package that is tailored to your client and their needs, including the provision of a rehabilitation specialist within close proximity.

If you would like to discuss a rehabilitation claim or any other services that MAPS Medical Reporting can provide, you can contact our team on 02084 206797, fill out an online enquiry form.

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