Serious and catastrophic injuries have immediate and long-lasting effects on the injured person and their family.

If your client has suffered life-changing injuries you will be aiming to recover the maximum amount of compensation for them and to facilitate their maximum rehabilitation. You will need to obtain medical and related evidence that supports every aspect of their serious injury claim, from their acute and rehabilitation needs through to their long-term needs which are likely to include various types of care, support and therapies.

Choosing an expert to support your client’s serious injury claim

Your choice of experts will be important. The experts that you choose to provide the evidence will need to be experienced in their field and ideally also in medico-legal work.

The experts you select will need to understand that their involvement in your client’s serious injury claim may not be limited to a single report and that they are likely to be asked to produce one or more follow up or supplementary reports. Their evidence will also have to be client-centred and co-ordinated with the evidence of experts in other disciplines.

The experts will provide reports that support your client’s claim in relation to their immediate needs, but also their needs in the longer term, once they have achieved their maximum rehabilitation potential. The experts’ serious injury claims evidence will need to be clear and realistic about potentially life long disabilities and later life deteriorations.

Work, care, support, equipment, accommodation and therapies will all need to be considered too.

How can MAPS Medical Reporting help?

By using MAPS Medical Reporting to source the evidence to support your client’s claim, you can be confident that trusted and experienced consultants and practitioners will provide your reports. MAPS Medical Reporting can assist and advise in relation to your choice of experts and will deliver quality reports within an agreed time frame at an agreed fee.

MAPS Medical Reporting can obtain all of your client’s medical records as well as arranging to collate and copy them so that your chosen experts all work from the same clean set of records. As a solicitor and doctor-led organisation, MAPS Medical Reporting is committed to providing high-quality reports and service.

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